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The Amazon driving school Mbagala registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Tanzania Police Force Road Safety Corps headquarters

The Amazon Driving School We are very happy to welcome you to the best basic driving training (Basic Driving).

The Amazon Driving Schoolit has various goals in common and ensures we provide the highest level of training and ultimately provide the highest quality drivers

COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT.Our school is in a quiet environment, large classrooms with light and fresh air. Our classrooms have high quality pictures and good looks. It is a better and safer environment for learning.


  • After completing your studies and passing college examinations and certification you will be required to pay a GRR for a police examination where you will be able to pay for your license.
  • Our cars are in good (new) condition and are “manual”.
  • Skilled and competent teachers who are willing to make you aware of driving and all road procedures
  • Our fees are much cheaper compared to the services you will receive.
  • You will learn about classroom theory and actions on the road
  • You will be enabled to obtain a license immediately after graduation by contacting the relevant institutions.
  • The student is allowed to report to the director as soon as you are satisfied with the service you receive at the college. (Phone numbers are on the college bulletin boards)


The student is required to prepare the following materials

  • – A learning driving license is issued by T.R.A


.Basic Driving Course

  • – The course is offered for one month (four weeks) only.
  • – The joining form is only ten thousand (10,000)
  • – His fee is two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000)
  • – The book, road mark chart and T.shirt (form six) will be provided free of charge
  • All fees must be paid in advance before the start of studies.

All payments should be made to CRDB Bank account number 0150259163600 account name TheAmazon Colleges (T) Limited, before starting studies

Student Signature _______________________


Due to the presence of drivers with driver’s licenses but no certificates or have never attended driver training, The amazon driving college has introduced a special course for those with such needs.


  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • The total course fee is Tsh 100,000 / =.
  • The training will be offered for 7 days in the next two weeks and the sessions will start at 8:00 pm except on Saturdays the sessions will be in the morning
  • The first week of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Second Week Monday, Wednesday, Friday Saturday.
  • The certificate will be issued within one week after completing the training and passing the examinations.


  • The student must have a learning driving license issued by the TRA before starting training.
  • Student make sure you are given a receipt for all payments you make to the college. If you have made a payment and you have not been given a receipt you have a duty to claim.
  • Once the fee has been paid it will not be refunded in any other way unless it is proved that the service provider has failed to provide the service in the prescribed manner.
  •  Make sure the student is given a book and a T-shirt immediately after payment and before starting training.
  •  Student make sure you sign the attendance form every day from start to finish. .
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she sets aside time to attend a series of training sessions for four weeks without lack of theory and practice, the procedure for compensating or extending the day for a student who does not attend training is completely non-existent.
  •  Student note the date you started training is the date you are going to finish next month. So you are advised to focus on your attendance schedule.
  •  Student note that the time for street learning is half an hour (30 minutes) per person.

Student Signature: _______________________

  •  Upon completion of the four-week training course, the student will undergo a theoretical and practical test for A, B and Cutapata certificate, and the licensing process will continue.
  •  A student who obtains marks D and F will have failed the examination and will therefore be disqualified from obtaining the certificate and will be advised to repeat his / her examinations in the prescribed manner.Student make sure you attend all the class sessions every Saturday, otherwise you will miss out on the qualifications to take the exams.
  • A student is not allowed to use any alcohol while in college / training if you are found not to be allowed to receive training for that day.
  •  Keep your payment receipts until you get a certificate.
  •  Certificate of graduation and training qualification will be issued within seven (7) days after conducting your final examinations. So make sure you take your certificate as early as two months, after that there will be a Charges for late to collect the certificate and the Fee will continue to grow / increase over time..

CAUTION: The student is required to comply with all the procedures outlined above, including the licensing process. Do not agree to give money to anyone for the purpose of obtaining a license contrary to the procedure outlined above

I am ————————————————— I have read and understood the information provided above and have sincerely decided to join the  for the course of Basic Driving Course

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