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The amazon college is a government-registered college under VETA Vocational Training Authority to offer various courses at certificate level.

The Amazon Colleges (T) Limitedinvites you to join our college in Computer  Application (Microsoft Office Package I) Computer in Application (Microsoft Office Package II) Computer in Graphics design Computer in Accounting Package Optional Program (Program)Computer Application  (Microsoft Office Package I )   

Computer Application  (Microsoft Office Package I )   

This is a fourteen (14) week course equivalent to three months and two weeks. The fee is Tzs 260,000 / = (two hundred and sixty thousand shillings.) Certificate will be issued after graduation for all programs

1.Introduction to Computer    Fourteen (14) weeks (three months and two weeks)    The fee is paid all at once before the student begins the studies
2.Ms. word
3.Ms. Excel
4.Ms. Access
5.Ms. Power point
6.Ms. Publisher
7.Iternet& E – mail
2. Computer Application (Microsoft Office Package II) A certificate will be issued to the student  who complete  all programs.
1.Introduction to ComputerTwo weeks (2weeks)40,000/=Fees are paid in advance before starting a new program.   NOTE:. Make sure you pay your fees on time to avoid termination of studies
2.Ms. wordTwo weeks (2weeks)40,000/=
3.Ms. ExcelTwo weeks (2weeks)40,000/=
4Ms. AccessTwo weeks (2weeks)40,000/=
5Ms. Power pointTwo weeks (2weeks)40,000/=
6Ms. PublisherTwo weeks (2weeks)50,000/=
7Iternet& E – mailTwo weeks (2weeks)50,000/=
8Typing  SpeedTwo weeks (2weeks)50,000/=

3: Computer in Graphics design (Adobe Packages)

1Adobe Pagemaker / Adobe in-design80,000Three weeks (3weeks)
2Adobe Illustrator80,000Three weeks (3weeks)
3Adobe photoshop80,000Three weeks (3weeks)

4: Computer in Accounting Package

1Tally150,000Four weeks (4 weeks)
2Myob150,000Four weeks (4 weeks)
3Quick book150,000Four weeks (4 weeks)
  • Fees payable through CRDB Bank account number 0150259163600 account name The Amazon Colleges (T) Limited.

                                               Student signature:  ____________________


  • One exercise book  (you have to buy it yourself)
  • – Ink pen (you have to buy your own)

College environment.

Our college is located in a quiet environment, large classrooms with light and fresh air. It is an excellent learning environment. We have teachers who are professional enough to educate you And who are thirsty for their students’ success.

Benefits of Joining Computer Courses at The Amazon College

  • Our Cost Is Very Cheap.
  • You will be taught by talented teachers who are experienced and passionate about understanding the student
  • Each student uses his or her own computer
  • Our classrooms are large and have AC, air and light
  • After completing the training in theory and practice and passing your exams By getting good marks the graduate will be awarded a certificate


  • The student will have to pay a fee through the bank to the college account provided by the accountant here in the office and not otherwise
  •  Student make sure you are given a receipt for all payments you make to the college. If you have made a payment and you have not been given a receipt you are responsible for claiming it.
  •  The student should adhere to the procedure for paying a small fee (before starting the relevant program) As directed at the office, otherwise you will be suspended.
  • Student consider keeping your receipt of payment fees is important until you graduate and certify.
  •  Student make sure you attend all class sessions every Monday to Friday and adhere to the scheduled time for the entire study period.
  •  A student who cancels a course after paying the fee And before the course starts will be refunded fifty percent (50%) of the fee paid. (The cost of joining the form will not be refunded) If you decide to cancel after starting the course the fee will not be refunded in any way.
  • The student will sign the rules and regulations form of the college immediately after its registration is completed before the start of studies.

The certificate will be issued within seven (7) days after graduation.masomo And make sure you take your certificate before two months have passed and after that there will be a late fee..

  • • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she sets aside time to attend the training without the need for theory and practice, the procedure for compensating or extending the day for a student who does not attend training or refund fees does not exist in any way (note that).

I am ——————————I have read and understood the information provided above and have sincerely decided to join the  for the course of  Computer in Application Progr           Computer in Graphics design                Computer in Accounting Package

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