• It is a private college that offers short courses at the Certificate level in the sector (sector) Hospitality Commercial.
  • The College has more than six (6) branches in Dar es Salaam, these branches are listed on the last page where they make it easier for our clients to get services closer to where they live. domestic and foreign especially in the east African region.

    Our Mission

  • Introduce our youth to the possibilities and meaning of generous work, to create the desire, and the ability to learn more about the hospitality industry
  • Ensuring young people have access to education and skills that enable them to find employment or self-employment.
  • To enable young people to develop the formation of their basic abilities and by helping them to think critically and to become proficient in communication and research methods.
  • Creating a sense of public responsibility for young people and fostering the dignity of learning and the search for truth and thinking of maturity on the ultimate meaning of human life.
  • Promoting and promoting leadership and ethical values and being grafted into a state of care and accountability for all
  • To help the government to some extent reduce or even eliminate the employment challenge for the nation as a whole
  • To prepare a nation with young people who have the courage and ability to use national resources for their own benefit / development and for the country as a whole.
  • Confidence as being able to face the future.

Our vision

  • The Amazon college are colleges established with the aim of helping young people and people of all ages to get education and skills that will enable them to be self-employed and find employment opportunities in various institutions and companies.